Trevor Saxby

Bio: I'm a mentor, friend to many, with a PhD in church history. I love learning from the 'movers and shakers' of the past, as I want to be one today!

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8 responses to “About”

  1. Riccardo says :

    Man, I really enjoyed reading this blog. Your posts inspire me.

  2. Al DeFilippo says :

    Thank you for the posts. Very informative. You have a great handle on the history. If you interest, I have just released the book series, The Asbury Triptych Series. The opening book, Black Country, details the early Methodist movement in England. Black Country details not only the key figures of the movement like John Wesley, Charles Wesley, George Whitefield and others. It also features the early movement told through the experiences of Francis Asbury. The website for the book series is http://www.francisasburytriptych.com.

  3. Stephen Guerra says :

    I host a podcast called The History of the Papacy podcast. I would love to have you on as a guest to talk about early Christian music and art. Please email if you are interested or have questions. Your blog is great!

    • Trevor Saxby says :

      Hi Stephen. It’s good to hear from you – and thanks for the positive response to my blog! The Podcast sounds intriguing. I should point out that I am almost as old as the Pope in the photo on your WordPress link, and though I blush to say so, I have little idea of what a Podcast is, let alone how it is done and what it would require of me. Please could you elucidate?

  4. John Paris says :

    Dr. Saxby, can you supply me with the source of the beautiful painting from the catacombs in Rome titled ‘Christians worshiping’? It is found in an article on The Odes of Solomon, Nov. 12th, 2018. Information and/or a link would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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